Saturday, October 10, 2009

Miranda and Justin's Engagement shoot

Another special engagement announcement: Miranda and Justin!
This couple met about five years ago and really hit it off. Read below to find out some more information about the super sweet proposal, what these two fight over most, and what makes them most excited about their wedding that is fast approaching.

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What was your first impression of each other?
Justin--I thought she was good looking and had a heart of gold
Miranda--I thought he was so handsome and had a great sense of humor. I remember having a great respect for his devotion to God

How did he propose?
Justin arranged for us to go look at the Christmas lights at Opryland hotel and then meet both sets of our parents for "Christmas dinner" since we weren't going to be able to spend all of Christmas day together. We spent an hour or so walking around Opryland hotel looking at Christmas lights and then we took a carriage ride around the grounds to see the lights. As we were headed back to the hotel at the end of the ride, Justin asked me which of the groups of trees was my favorite. We walked down to my favorite group of trees and took a picture with the beautiful Christmas lights behind us. As I was saving the picture on my phone, Justin got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said, "Yes", of course! Then we went back and met our parents for dinner. Our dads knew about the engagement, but our moms didn't. So we got to show them the ring and tell them about our engagement at the same time. It was perfect.


What were you most excited about regarding your wedding?
Starting our lives together and building a family

What do the two of you fight over most?
Where to eat dinner. We don't really fight about it, we just don't like to make descisions, so we fight over who has to decide!

Thanks guys for the wonderful shoot. I hope you love your pictures as much as I do. I had the most fun! I admire your strong qualities and know that you two have the strength and endurance to really do great things with your life.

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