Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ashley + Zach

One of the best weddings of the season so far. When you have a couple as seriously gorgeous as they are, a dress that swirls perfectly everytime like her's, and incrediably gracious personalities like Ashley and Zach how can it not be one of the best!



I love this image and believe it or not I get to see it quite often- kind of reminds me of little monkeys picking at each other (cute monkeys of course!)


Wow! She's got the legs and you can't go wrong with red shoes.

-094 Ashley looking out window

Right before Zach sees his bride for the first time.

Ok Ashley, you hit the jackpot with Zach he is cute!





-393 We got thrown for a little surprise when we were told no flash and we had to stay in the back of the santuary! Thankfully, we have cameras that can take on the worst of circumstances.



-633 One of my most favorite times is being with the couple just moments after they are prounounced man and wife. The totally look of joy in his eyes....

Great band...
First dance..
Zach and his family own a paint store- love the paint spilling over the side of the cake.
Thank you Ashley and Zach! We feel incrediably honored to spend the day with you!

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