Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jenny + David = Mr. & Mrs.

Well we did it.. Jenny & David are now Mr. & Mrs.
We are happy to introduce the newest member of our family Mr. David Flanigan! He bravely asked to marry my daughter Jenny, they set the date, and after months of anticipation it finally took place this past weekend. I have seen many weddings over the past few years but none have be as moving and close to my heart as this one. I had a few extra special friends offer to give myself, Bob, and Rachel a break so that we could relax and enjoy this perfect occasion. I must say it is almost as tiring, if not more, being on the other side of the camera. God has blessed me in multiple ways and I will always be greatful for the thoughtfulness of having friends and family to share this occasion with.


You can't choose who you child falls in love with, but you can appreciate the fact that you helped mold them into the adult who was able to make such an important decision on their own.



A very special thanks to Jenny & David- you both mean so much to me. God chose you for each other to love & he knew what he was doing. Appreciate the little things, forgive daily, trust one another, & never forget to love unconditionally.

Best of luck with your new life together- Love Mom!

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Stephanie M. said...

Such beautiful pictures.

I have known David for a long long time and to see him so happy is the best thing I could ask for! Congrats!!!!