Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tasha & Johnny's Eng

Meet Tasha and Johnny!
This sweet pair are extremely excited about their big day! They have made plans.I bet you are wondering how these two fell in love, well... they met while in Florida. Tasha lived there with her family and met Johnny while he was there working. The got to know each other more and more, until finally it was love.

We asked Johnny what was his favorite quality or characteristic about Tasha. He said her bright smile and those precious blue eyes.

Tasha said that she was immediately attracted to him and they spend their first night together talking and laughing the entire time.

How did Johnny pop the question? Privately of course. Tasha wanted the moment to be special and between just the two of them. So one night Johnny got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Just the two of them! He is thankful each and every day that she said YES!

Johnny loves the fact that Tasha is always there if he needs someone to talk to. She is patient and a great listener. If he needs help with a tough decision, or just needs to vent- she is there to give him support.

I am so looking forward to their wedding! I can not wait!

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