Monday, January 3, 2011

Jen & Britton's Engagement

This is Jennifer and Britton! They wanted an engagement shoot that really showed their personality and style. They were amazing to be around and we all had a wonderful afternoon together. Their love really shows and their devotion to each other is a spectacular thing to witness.
I don't think these two have one ounce of fear in their bodies. They are ready to move forward and take what the world has to offer them with open arms, minds, and hearts.

I wonder why a coca-cola in a bottle taste so much better when you drink it with the one you love?
Maybe one day someone will let me know the answer to that silly question. I think it's pretty obvious- everything is better when you are together,having a fun time, & living your life.

Sometimes the best things in life are shot in black and white.

These boots were made for walking... right into the life of this man.
Now that Jennifer has found Britton, there is not way that she is letting him go.
Britton can not help but watch her every move.

Britton absolutely admires the ground that she walks on. He would do anything to keep a huge smile on her adorable  face. Walking hand in hand they are taking small steps to become partners for life. It may not be an easy journey and sometimes it will feel more like a race than a slow walk down the road, but it will all come together in the end.

Dreams of their new beginning in their minds they have nothing but time, hope, and love to spend with each other.

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