Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brandi + Wilson

Dandelions and daydreams can make a day go by so quickly. I hated to see this session end. It has something to do with being all tied up within the story- "their" story. It is such a great thing to have the job that I was blessed to have. I get to see so many diverse people each with their own loving ways. Even though they all share their feelings in different ways, it always comes back to those four little words ... L O V E!
This couple is amazing. They share a common bond, a love that runs deep, and they let it wash over each other and shine through the camera. They decided to meet with us to let us capture their romance and passion for each other and life itself. Even though they are starting their new life together at a young age- they seem strong and ready to make a solid commitment to each other.

pg3Browns and tans seems to be their color scheme for this special day. It worked so well with the locations that we traveled. The sunshine was warm and inviting just like Wilson's arms were to Brandi. As they embraced each other throughout this day that I could not do anything but grin as I checked my shots to make sure the exposure was just right.

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