Monday, July 25, 2011

Sanderson Family Session

I bet there is no way that you will be able to guess what this dashing young man's favorite color is? Blue, blue, blue! Sure he is small, but boy does this little man have spunk. Let me tell you, he sure does love to do what little boys do. He drives his little car better than most men and with a great deal of confidence and focus. He was just one small member of a truly inspiring family which I was privileged to work with this year. 
pt 3 Sanderson

Blue jean overalls can be described as authentic and timeless. These memories that I have captured today will be a blessing to his mother one day when he is grown. Even though he is small now, he is trying his best to grow as fast as the weeds. Dirt does not phase him and neither does this humid Tennessee heat on a hot June afternoon. All he needs is fishing pole to be entertained. Oh and his favorite navy blue hat!

The rest of this blessed family have inviting personalities as well. It really is an honor to be around an all American family who still knows how to laugh, joke, and smile together. It's families like this that make my job so easy to do. I know that their bond will not only last, but strengthen and grow each passing season.
pt 2

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