Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Carlie +Ryan Wedding Fayetteville Tn Gray Photography

Everything was absolutely perfect about this wedding!!
1. The girls all wearing the same color before they got ready
2. The fact that Carlie got dressed in a place that was special to her (her own home). You can see exactly the point where the bed broke while we were taking pictures. It was so precious.
3. The few minutes we spent getting Ryan a few glamour shots of Carlie to surprise him
4. That Carlie was so easy going and fun. When she got grease on her dress she didn't worry one second about it. BTW, a little bit of baby wipes goes a long way in getting out stains and no one will see it anyway
5. The fact that Carlie and Ryan were so into their moment when saying their vows.
6. The way the color of the bridesmaids dressed popped in pictures
7. The bridesmaids helpfulness
8. It doesn't hurt that Carlie and Ryan were so pretty!
If only I could shoot their wedding every Saturday! Thanks so much to Carlie and Ryan and their

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