Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Amanda And Ben's Engagement

Amanda and Ben's Engagement session was a little different... Both their mothers went along which made it a very touching day. I loved to glance over my shoulder between shots and see their loving expressions and quiet chit chat.
Amanda and Ben

As you can tell, they were a bit shy at first.

I was blown away when I realized how the wind scattered her hair perfectly over her face. Her freckles shined amazingly in the sunlight and Ben could do nothing but grin the entire shoot.

All I had to do was point the camera and snap the picture. The were so comfortable with each other. He is definitely a country boy and didn't mind playing in the clovers, especially with his new fiance close by his side.

He couldn't decide if it was the clover that smelled so delicious or if it was his love lying among them.
I love this shot..

The dogwood tree always draws my couples in for a romantic pose. There is just something about being so close to the sweeping branches and the fresh scent that makes loving pairs draw even closer than they initially intended.

Her blonde hair and creamy skin glistened in the sun.

I glanced at this photo and thought of only one word to describe it...Passionate.

While on a shoot, I find it extremely difficult to stay at one location. Ben was such a gentleman. He offered to help tote around some of my equipment and it was greatly appreciated. :)

Hugs and Kisses match perfectly with rust and broken windshields. This lovable shot makes me smile every time I look at it.

Those eyes, They are amazing.

Faded worn-out jeans are my new favorite articles of clothing. I may suggest that every client bring a pair. I didn't realize that they would spice up this picture as much as they did. I absolutely adore them.