Sunday, April 27, 2008

Whitney And Rex

This was my first prom session and I was ready for the new challenge. They made it too easy.

The slightest touch can make your heart skip a beat. She was so gentle with his face and I could tell that he was exactly where he wanted to be.

As they stood in the doorway, I heard her whisper, "It's killing me to be so close to you and not be able to kiss you."

Every fairy tale has to start somewhere...

They both thought it was funny when I said there could be a quick kiss on the neck, but no further. They both lit with excitement when they realized that they would finally get to be close. We aren't telling her father...
Shhh... Don't tell her father ...

Rex had a wonderful sense of humor. He joked about coming back for more sessions and paying for it all by himself. He really enjoyed this experience. He smiled every time he glanced in Whitney's direction.

They were such a classic couple. He enjoyed being near her. I'm not sure what they will do when she has to go to college in the fall.

He picked her up so gracefully. She was held so delicately in his strong arms.

This photo tells it all... He will be sad without her.

Whitney was a pleasure to shoot-always a different expression showing another layer of her personality. Those gorgeous eyes could talk Rex into almost anything.

He really was a gentleman. This was a "caught-off-guard" pic. Those really do make the best ones. Can't you just feel the love?

She took great detail in her look. The freshly black polished nails and her tiara matched her personality perfectly. She gladly took her high heels off without any complaints.

We loved her tiny purse and poofy dress. She even made her earrings and necklace -such a creative mind.

As Rex kneels and smiles, there is no doubt that Whitney is close by. He has such a strong personality, but he melts when she gives him the slightest bit of attention.

I couldn't keep them separate for too long. Soon they were together giggling and having a wonderful time.

This turned out more beautifully than I had imagined. They tried to sneak away for a bit, but I was close by, ready to snap away like always.

Rusty old trucks and beautiful formal attire... What could be better? They both share the same poetic look. They were truly happy when they were in each other's presence.

So close, So serious. They shared a quiet moment together . They completely blew me away with their willingness to be real. They were so sincere, so breathtaking.

He sat on the rusty car, lost in his thoughts.

His thoughts shifted quickly when I suggested that Whitney join him.

God works in mysterious ways. You would never imagine where this brilliant old tree sits. And even if I explained it, you still wouldn't believe it.

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