Thursday, May 1, 2008

Anne Marie's Bridal Session

Anne Marie had the wedding of a lifetime. She had every minute detail thought out. For instance, she took great care in selecting her one of a kind delicate silk dress-which was beautiful in every way.
We felt a session at Lillie Belle's of Franklin was the perfect location to show off Anne Marie. It is located in the heart of downtown Franklin, TN at 132 Third Avenue South. Even though it was raining it didn't dampen our enthusiastic.

This room was gorgeous. I love her reflection in the mirrors and the gentle swirl in her dress.

Another reflection shot.

I had to use the large version. The smaller version did not do it justice.

Anne Marie had so much support. Her family and friends were there at the shoot . I really appreciated all the help they offered.

Her makeup was beautiful.

Gazing at the engagement band.

Pure enjoyment and happiness...
This bed had an interesting net around it, so naturally I had to experiment. It reminds me of a beautiful Sleeping Beauty shot.

I was blown away by this antique mirror and mantle.

This is my favorite shot. She looks like Ann Margaret. This shot shows the gorgeous details of her dress and bouquet.

This picture hung along the stairway. I thought it was so beautiful, so I had to catch her in action walking past it.

I love the shadow in this shot. It makes that picture seem somewhat mysterious.
Her dress had amazing details.

I like how this shot shows her veil and tiara. I also enjoy the top view of her bouquet. -117

Her bouquet was absolutely stunning.

Anne Marie loved to reconstruct pictures from her childhood. She had a picture as a young girl smelling flowers and it was a favorite of her father's. She surprised her dad by recreating the shot and presenting it to him at the wedding. More to come on her weddding soon.



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