Wednesday, May 14, 2008

David and Daniel (Twin Session)

Congratulations to David and Daniel, twins who wanted to surprise their mom with a few shots , since they both graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in May. David is pretty special to us seeing that two of my daughters have a crush on him.

David is planning on becoming a dentist.

Daniel is planning on becoming an pharmacist.

David is extremely caring and understanding ,respectful. They are both so handsome that it made my job super easy.

Daniel loves to make David smile with his wise- cracks. They are both ridiculously smart.

It was so interesting to work with twins. When I asked if they ever fought they both grinned at each other and answered shyly "sometimes". I loved to watch they way they interacted with each other. They had their own private jokes and ways to make each other laugh. They were a pleasure to spend the afternoon with. I hope that they find the afternoon just as memorable as we did.
This is one of my favorite pictures- It's a little symbolic and sad as they will be heading in different directions soon
"A joy that is shared is a joy that is made double."-English Proverb

These two brothers were very unique in their individual ways.
I love the hole in his jeans and the overgrown grass. He has the look of seriousness that matches his surroundings perfectly. I just love it when everything fits.

"No Trespassing" some of my favorite words." We didn't actually trespass- not technically anyway we just stood by wishing we could. Unfortunately (sniff, sniff) this is probably the last time I'll get to use this location. They are cleaning it up, taking away the broken glass and generally just making it totally uncool. But I can't think of a better person to have gotten in the last shot! Thanks David for bringing me my favorite food from Murfreesboro Slick Pig- potato salad and making one of my daughters deleriously happy by picking her up from school and letting all her friends see how cool you are!

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