Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Imprimis Day Spa

IMPRIMIS DAY SPA, located in down town Fayetteville, TN. This group works very hard to keep all their customers happy and satisfied. They offer a variety of luxurious treatments such as hairstyling- cuts and colors, facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, waxings, and even tanning.

Doesn't she have beautiful eyes.


The newest addition to the crew.
She was actually hired the day that we had this session.

He does professional modeling in Huntsville.
He said that he liked our style and he may have to "cheat" on his photographer and give us a try.


You may recognize Tara from the previous blog. She did a recent session with her children and it worked out wonderfully. Tara is the manager for Imprimis and she is a great one. She is so gracious, and kind throw in the fact that she can cut and style hair like nobody's bussiness and you've got one more great person!
Shanna works with skin care and pedicures, talk about sweet. She and her hubby just had their first baby.
Kristina- I just love her. We will be going to Kansas City together for a wedding. She'll be doing the makeup and I might just put a camera around her neck so watch out Kristina!

The one and only massage therapist with this company.

Jamie is the receptionist and keeps everyone organized. I love her efficency.
I could have shot this one all day. She has so many beautiful and different looks.
We are so blessed to have George move from his practice in Nashville back to Fayetteville. What a talent! I love getting to talk with him such an interesting conversationalist. Sorry Nashville- he belongs to us now!

Maria is a true artist. She does manicures and acrylic nails. I expect one day to see her work in some nail magazine one day.
Joycline- always smiling always in the best mood. What's her secret? She is kind to everyone!


If you are ever traveling through Fayetteville, TN and you see this wall, then look directly across from it and you will find the very front door of the Imprimis Day Spa. They all wanted their picture made in front of this wall because they all find it unique and different just like the entire crew.
I broke them down into smaller groups to note the importance of each individual area of this company.

Charlie's Angels- Imprimis Style. :)

I love road shots. We had to pretty much stop traffic to get this perfected. Everyone loved the idea and it was a good way to show off the crew.
The main purpose for this session was for their website.



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