Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sibling Session (Tara's Children)

What an amazing family! Tara has the most well-behaved children that I have probably ever shot. It was such a joy to have the opportunity to do this again. They all love their mommie very much and want nothing more than to make her happy. If you were to describe this family musically they would definitely be something classical and soothing.

The oldest. He is such a caring big brother and a willing first participant. He quickly stepped up and showed off his photogenic style. He helped his mother by keeping his little brother entertained when he wasn't being photographed, and that is always a great deal of help.

I adore all the different shades of blue in this shot. It wasn't planned or anything but it just happened to work. However, with this little girl everything works. I don't think there was a shot of her that I saw that was anything but perfect.

The youngest. He was a typical little boy- full of energy and adventure. When he wasn't in the spot light, I often would see him running around and exploring the location. He was determined to find something new and exciting at every place that we went to.

This sweet little angel is actually Tara's nephew. He and his dad came along for a few quick shots. I was more than happy to add him to the group. He was so sweet, and he really loves his aunt and cousins. You can't help but smile when you see him. He's gone thru quite a trial health wise, but you would never know it by his kind and sweet personality.

I could not stop taking pictures of her. I even let her sit in my "red chair" that I specifically reserve for my brides. She enjoyed the extra attention and loved the tall grass and the yellow weeds.

This looks like she stepped right out of a story book. She liked to twirl the umbrella and pretend she was a princess.

Those eyes are amazing. She looked absolutely fantastic in this field of flowers. She would skip and play for the camera without any cares. She has many of the same features that her mother has and I know she is going to mature into a beautiful young lady.

Throughout the day I informed her of all the future times when she would have to come back and let me take more shots of her. I believe she is trying to imagine her future prom session, or perhaps a bridal or engagement shoot. She will be all grown up before we know it.
This is probably my favorite shot. So innocent... and she posed her own self- amazing!

The boys loved the trip to the junk yard. I spent more time on them here. They looked really good with the rusty old trucks and cars. They look so handsome and content.


I am looking forward to shooting Tara and her family again. They were all really enthusiastic and extremely photogenic. This was the perfect session- they all just walked around and had a really fun time. They all had big smiles and really big hearts. This was a very successful evening. If you want the best haircut in the world ask for Tara at Imprimis. She is also Imprimis' manager- who wouldn't want to work with her.

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