Sunday, May 11, 2008

Owen & Olivia and Frickets (Children Session)

The stars of this session were Owen and Olivia, a very fun loving brother and sister team.
They both started out pretty shy but eventually go used to the idea of being photographed. We needed a little bit of help from Olivia's mom in the beginning but by the end she really sparkled.

Olivia had precious baby blue eyes and the a smile that would make your heart melt.
When I saw this photo, I felt the need to add a simple quote.
"Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children"-Walt Disney

Olivia adores her big brother and copy his every move, but not before she shared a few actions of her own. She loves to give kisses to Owen and show how much she cares about him. It really is a wonderful thing when siblings actually get along.

Owen grew tired of Olivia's sweet pecks on the arm and decided that he'd had enough.
Olivia just couldn't make herself stop and wanted to give him one more little kiss for the road. Owen resistance made all of us smile.

This is what I like to call "head-over-heals." Olivia was very active and didn't like to sit still for too terribly long. She liked to jump and tumble around in the red chair. I love those little baby toes.

Adorable giggles and chunky little legs always make the best pictures. We had to pursuade her with lots of tickles to open up that tiny little mouth and give us a great big smile.

This was by far my favorite photo of this session. It took a few tries but eventually we arrived at our goal. To me she looks like a little princess. It wasn't until after we finished at this location that her mother informed us that she was allergic to most of these beautiful weeds. Sometimes it takes a little effort to get that extra special shot. I'm very glad they were willing to go with us here and I hope they are as pleased with this shot as I was.

I hope everyone notices that tiny flower, Olivia delicately picked out to share with the rest of us on the shoot. I just love her almost white- blonde hair. The sun bounced off of it perfectly.

This shot shows the bouquet that Owen actually picked for his mom while he waited patiently for his turn. He did such a great job with a little help from his dad. Those tiny fingers wrapping around those flowers just seem to make my day a little brighter.

Owen wasn't particularly pleased with the field of flowers. I promised to take him to the junk yard afterwards and he quickly perked up. This obviously is a shot before I told him. He informed us that he had lots of reptiles as pets and they often get fed "frickets" (crickets). Thanks to Owen we have a favorite new word- "frickets" While in the grass Owen discovered his first mushroom. We got to experience a child's new wonder and and curosity while we really stopped to examine the mushroom and of course the little boy in him had to squash it to see exactly what was inside!

The junk yard was a little more of Owen's style. He liked to look at all the old cars and trucks. I just love that little pouty half smile. I feel that it gives the perfect effect.

The last few shots of the day. Olivia plays for the camera without quite noticing that we were hot on her trail, ready to snap that magic shot.

And last but not least, a good-bye kiss.
Thanks so much to Steve and Jennifer (parents) who were so gracious and accomadating. We have a great afternoon with your family!

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