Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eagin & Ryan's Engagement Session

Eagin and Ryan chose us for a special engagement session. Who would have known that it would have turned out as eventful as it did? It definitely was a challenge at times, but everyone had a lot of fun during the day. Be on the look out for Eagin's Bridal Session coming soon. And also, shots from their special day.
Ryan was a little nervous. Eagin made him feel more at ease after a quiet moment together when they thought we weren't paying any attention. But, that is the joy of having a second shooter- someone is always paying attention.

This session was anything but ordinary. I just had to get them to run into the street and pose with the bikers. They danced and twirled for a few minutes and the bikers were gracious enough to stay put even through a couple of green lights so that we could get the shot down.

No Parkings! Since when do we ever pay attention to those silly No Trespassing, No Parking, No Anything Signs Anyway. I honestly don't know why they even waste their time and energy putting them up. Oh well, they really do add to the shots.

Another event: We went to the waterfall, the groom slipped and fell in, we all had a good laugh about it, and no one caught him on film falling. Sometimes even the second shooter can't get the million dollar shot. We obviously need a little more practice on our action shots. I'm so glad Ryan was a good sport and went ahead with the rest of this shoot.
At least they agree to disagree. A house divided is still a house just with a little more stress than normal. I would hate to see them on game days. Only time will tell.

I always take shoes away from my couples. Ryan was a little embarassed by his "white" feet and tried to hide them with his glove. We all agreed that wouldn't be quite fair so Eagin took it away.

The junk yard really does bring out the best in people.


"Pieces" shots can tell a story all of their own.


All Ryan could say about these shots was, "Her Grandmother is sure going to be mad when she sees these."

We found out that Ryan was on his way to umpire a softball game after our shoot so naturally we had to tag along. We threatened to the entire shoot but I'm not quite sure he believed us. He looks so happy when he is out on that field. Almost more relaxed than when he was with Eagin-Almost!

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