Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jennifer And Brent's Engagement Session

This session is all about Jennifer and Brent. They were more than willing to follow us around to various locations and just do what they were the most happy with doing- being together. I put this shot first because I felt that it was a fun way of showing off the engagement ring. Without an engagement ring, there can't be an engagement shoot :) Thanks Brent and Jennifer for being such good sports and letting us travel with you.

I love how he looks so "in-charge" in this shot and Jennifer just looks so beautiful. I'm glad we caught someone arriving to the waterfall on this bike. It makes a great shot and it adds a little spice to this shoot.
The waterfall may have been their favorite place. He wanted to give her a peck so bad. Look how close he is!

They really shine when they are together. I can only imagine how wonderful their wedding shots will turn out to be.

This is my new favorite leg shot. She pulled it off so well. Oh, and we can't forget to mention those holes in his jeans. They add to the shot. Sometimes it's the little details that make a world of difference.
our newest leg pose.


This is actually at their future home. I love the rusty old tractor and the farm house in the background. They are so comfortable wit each other, I knew this was going to make their pictures absolutely breath-taking.

I decided to experiment. I like it. Brent is a true farm boy. He has over 3oo acres that he owns and works.

A family outing! I Love this shot. It all just fits together so well- the cowboy hat, the dress, the weeds, & the sunset. It just blows my mind. I love the scenery!
just a day, just an ordinary day!
I think Brent had as much fun-if not more- than Jennifer. It looks so romantic in the water. I don't know what I am going to do when it gets too cold to get in.

Their dog was very protective. We decided to take a "family" shot since they all will be family soon enough. This shot really makes me smile. Their dog is as photogenic as they are.
Family outing..

She loved playing in the creek. I believe she pulls off the wet look quite nicely.
Don't forget to be on the look out for Jennifer and Brent's Wedding Shots. It will be that time before we all know it.

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