Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eagin's Bridal

Eagin's Bridal Session was an extremly fun process. She was a wonderful care-free bride. I love the bold colors in her bouquet. I was very pleased with this session. She brought her mother and her maid-of-honor, Katie, along to help her get ready.
It took a couple of trys before we could get this shot down. But I'm glad we took a little extra time to perfect it. I think it is so romantic and so dreamy.

Check out that detail on her dress. There seems to be a pattern with girls and dresses- the see them on the rack and they think-That is definitely not the dress for me. But when they try them on they often find out that they could have missed out on the perfect dress. So always take the time to try it on. You may be surprised.

Once again, "pieces" shots be just as breath-taking as full body shots.

We tried a new location for her, it was a local bed and breakfast. It turned out more beautifully that I could have imagined. I was just thrilled and I had to go back the next day and use it again.

The infamous red chair. My brides just love it and I can hardly keep them out of it. I think it is one of the dealmakers when they decide that they want to use us.
Eagin's Bridal session was a huge success. We all had a wonderful time and I am very pleased with the extrodinary shots that came up with.

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