Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Lilly

This is Baby Lilly. She belongs to a bridesmaid from April and Stephen's wedding blog. We had to travel a little to find her but it was completely worth it. She smiled almost the entire time. We loved this shoot. I sent my younger photographers by themselves on this one, also. I think if they stick with it one day they might be running my business :)


She fits into this family as a fourth child. Her big sister and brothers are a great help to their mom.
She seems to be quite the mover... She didn't like to stay still for very long.

This is amazing. Look at those tiny feet in the background trying to crawl away.
Baby Lilly was so sweet. She only cried once while we were there and even that didn't last for long.
Yawns! I'm so glad we caught this. We must have really tired her out.

Congrats Leslie on this precious gift. Thanks for letting us put a special part of your life in photographs. Maybe we will get to shoot baby Lillie again. It was a lot of fun.

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