Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Macey wanted us to do a model session, also. She was recently accepted into the same modeling agency as Brooke. We had an exciting day in downtown Huntsville taking lots of pictures and having an all around fun time. Macy was so full of life and cheerful. I loved this adventure that we were able to share with her.



Macy is going to be a Junior when the school year starts back. Her parents went with us and watched quietly as we snapped away. I could tell that they were very proud of her. They would whisper about how they couldn't believe their little girl was growing up so fast.
We found this location strictly by accident. We were just driving around- killing time before the session and we saw this little walkway between two buildings. It had hanging ferns in ever archway and we thought it would be a perfect place to see what sort of talent macy had to offer.

Her eyes had amazing catch-lights. It was hard to find a bad angle on this girl. She has a lot going for her.

Yeah- before the thought even runs through your head- We trespassed. But it was totally worth it. Check out these shots... Absolutely beautiful.

Her eyes really pop with this yellow back ground.

Even the best models need to take a quick break every now and then.
Another new and exciting location.



"When one of your dreams come true- you begin to look at the others more carefully." Anonymous.

A reward for a job well done. I had so much fun with this session. Models would actually be my ideal sessions to shoot. I am looking forward to working with Macy in the near future. It was such a fun day- I didn't want it to end.

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