Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Amanda's Bridal

Amanda's Bridal was anything but ordinary. She looked just like a princess and I know that her wedding is going to be her fairy tale come true.

She was kind enough to bring her flower girls along to share this special day with her.
This is the first time I've used more than one umberella and I think it was a really good idea.



A quiet bride hiding behind a sheer veil. She was such a patient subject. It really was a pleasure to work with her.


Looks like this cinderella needs a little rest. Even when she was tiring- she still kept a happy face. She had to most sincere smile.



We decided that she could rest in the infamous red chair. and we could still get some excellent shots of her. She looks like she's up to something in this shot.


Her flowers matched her brides-maid dresses- "Turquoise"


Everyone looks beautiful on their wedding day, but this girl looks amazing everytime I've seen her. She doesn't even have to smile...



Keep looking out for shots from Amanda and Ben's wedding... It's going to be great!

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