Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Emily and Marc's Engagement

When I showed Emily one of my slideshows during our initial interview she and her mother both cried. I knew that she was going to be a wonderful bride who will be a lot of fun. She and Marc agreed to use us as their photographers only if we would agree to go to Pucketts in Leipers Fork, TN and taste one of those delicious, sloppy hamburgers. It truly is the best hamburger- Honest!
Puckets located in Leipers Fork Tennesse the best hamburger in the world! Really!
Marc is such an artist. He wanted to take his guitar along on this shoot and we willingly agreed. We are always up for a little live entertainment.


Before too long, they were getting a little more comfortable with being close to each other and with us around take shots of them being together.
Isn't her curly hair absolutely gorgeous? How lucky she is to have it.


Emily is actually a professional wine taster- So we decided to drive a short distance to a near-by vineyard and catch her in action. They ended up making a picnic lunch and wash it down with their very own new bottle of wine.

They seem to fit well with each other. It looks like she is pretty happy in this shot.

New Love= True Love. This is obviously a great match.
-1172 I am very excited to do this wedding. It is going to be in Franklin at a new location. And the menu that they are having prepared is amazing. I can't wait!

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Sarahgu said...

Love it! You did a fantastic job! It was wonderful to meet you all out at the Vineyard!