Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet Mabern and Brian

Down the side of the mountain, beside the river bank grows a tree. Not just any tree. On this tree are names carefully carved from generations ago. There is a tradition in his family. Hand in hand, the groom on his wedding day helps his bride down the steep mountain to find the tree. When he finds it, he carves their names as a testimony to their promise to love and honor one another for the rest of their lives. Being able to witness sacred moments like this is why I love my job. Thank you for the privilege as it is something I will never forget.


How they met..After Mabern graduated high school, Brian's mom insisted that he call Mabern and help her get settled in Murfreesboro where they both attended college. Brian, being shy just couldn't call. One year later Mabern was watching Katie (her younger sister) and Scarlett (Brian's younger sister)play in a softball tournament. Brian's mother insisted that Mabern stay to meet Brian. Mabern, tired and sweaty was tempted to leave, but something told her to stay... The rest is history...

To find out how Brian proposed you will have to visit their website
Brian has my admiration. He has been able to capture one of the most intelligent, athletic,beautiful, woman I've ever met. Congrat's to Mabern who was recently accepted into UT law school . Mabern wants to eventually become a senator, I have no doubt that one day she will see that dream come true and I'll be right there campaigning for her. Brian is a landscaper and I can't wait to show you his art very soon.

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