Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meet Reif


Babies don't get much cuter than Reif. He is already loaded with personality and is the sweetest baby. He has one requirement- feed and feed often. Reif loves his bottle and don't even try holding out on him.
Isn't Reif's mom, beautiful? Charla is such a fantastic mom. Very relaxed, very confident. Reif (and Leif) eyes follow her wherever she goes and who can blame them.


Leif is Reif's dad. He is a dentist in Manchester and he has all the qualities of a great one. He's compassionate and gentle. He also has a great since of humor which can't hurt when this kind of thing happens...


This is just a moment later when Leif figures out just what happened ...


Thank you for trusting us with such a special day. When you left, I was thinking I can't wait to have this family back for another shoot! Thanks to Amy who helped me out sooo much this week.

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