Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What happens if it Rains....


What happens if it rains the day of your wedding and we can't get out to shoot romantic pictures? What happens if the photographer you chose didn't capture your wedding day the way you had envision? What happens if there was no time to take creative pictures on your wedding day? Can anything be done? YES! BOOK AN AFTER WEDDING SESSION. More and more brides are choosing an after wedding shoot. Why? More time to be creative, less time worrying about keeping the dress spotless, Less stress, more location variety. It's fun and you've got stunning photos that sometimes just can't be shot the day of the wedding.


It rained the day of Katie's and Jon's wedding.A month after their wedding. They got to dress up all over again and play. We had the most amazing time. We went from a bridge, to a field, to almost getting stuck in the mud, to climbing a tree, to a victorian style house. You paid a lot of money for your dress and you need to get the most out of it before it's cleaned and packed away, Does it matter that it didn't happen on the day they got married? Not in the least bit!

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