Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Talen: the cowboy in training!

Talen hasn't quite learned the ropes yet, but one day he is going to have a horse of his own. He already has the boots! He was very particular about his saddle and hat. Now he just has to grow into them. He brought a smile to my face, multiple times during this session.
Sometimes all it takes is a tilt of a hat and you can capture a girls heart in an instant.

His little eyes notice everything. You can't squeeze anything past him. He was more than willing to play for my camera and his shots turned out to be more than I expected. I just couldn't help myself from capturing as much of this day as possible.
Now that's a cowboy if I have ever seen one. Talen, you were just a wonderful and sweet little boy. I know you will grow up to become a talented and sophisticated young man. I can't wait to shoot you again. I hope you enjoyed you time in the spot light.
-1088 Whose heart will he steal next?

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