Monday, June 22, 2009

Why is this beautiful girl turning flips?

Why is this beautiful girl turning flips? Because she's a senior, that's why!!!!

Now that she has that out of her system, we can get along to the rest of this session. This is Sara and she is super excited about graduating and moving forward with her life. She has an amazing family who all encourage her to dream big and try her hardest!

She and her mother came down for the afternoon to give us time to participate in this excellent shoot. She was all smiles and I absolutely adored it.
She chatted with us and posed perfectly throughout the entire shoot. It was a nice change of pace and I'm glad she had a lot of spunk. There were two things that she really wanted to do. Can you guess what they were? Of course, Go to the junk yard and get in the road!

Gotta love a good road shot. Bare feet make a world of difference.
And get in the water!

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Phil said...

Another senior babe. Love the water picture and "the pose" picture! You do great work.