Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mary and Jason wedding

What an amazing family this is. They thought of everyone. They treated everyone like gold. When you think southern graciousness this is the family that comes to mind. I just hope and pray when my daughter gets married, I'll be just half as gracious and composed.

Meet Mary and Jason. Mary gave Jason a Bible for a wedding gift. You've got to love a groom that cries when he sees his bride and cries again when she gives in a Bible (now I am crying just remebering how beautiful and sacred that moment was. I am so blessed to have this job!)

Warning.... This will make you cry as well...


Look very carefully in the refection and you will see what Jason gave Mary as a gift.

Here is a closer view. Mary was thrilled with her new violin.
Peaking outside to see her guest arriving
-1527 Ok, I just resist showing you this. Doesn't she have the most beautiful back ever!

Love the bling on the flowers
-1321 This is my hero. Mary's mom. She made it all happen. Unbelievable, I've never had a sweeter mom. I hope I can grow up to be just like you.


Fireworks- the perfect ending to a perfect wedding and perfect marriage

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